“Nugget has very sensitive skin..he could only use prescribed shampoo. But after we tried Garden State | Pet Shampoo – Matcha on him, he didn’t get any allergy and it also improves his skin and fur condition! Good for Nugget that he can enjoy bath time with this natural shampoo. It is also cost much less than the shampoos we use before.”

– Catherine and Carl (Cambria, CA, USA)

“My medium size Poodle dog has very sensitive skin, I tried many different dry shampoos. Most of them made her fur sticky or gave her an allergy. Garden State | Dry Shampoo – Vanilla is the best product for my dog’s sensitive skin. It also can clean her saliva strain. My dog enjoys Garden State | Dry Shampoo everyday. I can’t find a reason to switch back to another dry shampoo. This is the only dry shampoo I recommend to my friend’s pet.”

– Sujitra (Chanthaburi , Thailand)

“Moji is a 13 years old Pomeranian. As he got older his skin became more sensitive. He started having allergic reactions that turned his skin red and he scratched and bit himself until the fur fell off. He smelled too. I found Garden State | Pet Shampoo – Vanilla at the dog’s swimming pool. I’m a big supporter of natural products for Moji. I bought him a bottle of the shampoo. After several baths he started to get better and now his skin and fur look really great! Moji is on his fourth bottle of Garden State | Pet Shampoo – Vanilla!! He is now a happy dog!”

– Beer (Bangkok, Thailand)

“My Pug dog has been smelly since he was young. Now he is 10 years old. I took him to the vet he said my dog will always be smelly because of a hormone imbalance. I tried so many different shampoos on him but he still smelled. It might sound unbelievable, but after he took a bath using Garden State | Pet Shampoo – Lychee he smelled amazing. After one Garden State bath he smelled good for a month. My nose is now very happy!!!”

– Yui (Bangkok, Thailand)

“I have been using all of Garden State | Dry Shampoo but my favorite is Garden State | Dry Shampoo – Matcha The products are delivered very fast. They smell really good.  My cat fur became so soft and silky. The dry shampoo is also very convenient to use, just spray on and wipe off and my kitty will be cleaned”

– Kansuda (Sisaket, Thailand)

“I ordered Garden State | Dry Shampoo – Melon online and it was delivered promptly. It smell really great and my dog and cat fur became very soft and shinny. It’s very easy to use and it can be used everyday. I sleep with my pets and it’s nice to have them cleaned before they come on my bed. This product can be used from head to tail! I really love it”

– Sasikarn (Lamphun, Thailand)